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31″ flatscreen. Polaroid LED TV. Model # 32GSR3000FB  $75 No feet (dog chewed them). It has rarely been used and is in like new condition.  I’m keeping the wall mount, so you would need your own (or replacement feet). Overall dimensions: 28 3/4″ wide, 17″ tall and 2 3/4″ deep.



NOTE: For gun sales I will need to make a note of your name and Driver’s License number.

Ruger LCR .9mm – not fired as far as I know. Brand new condition with holster, two speed clips in their own belt holster, and box. $525



SALE PENDING- Glock 30S .45 cal excellent condition. Also not fired, but carried a few times by my husband. Includes shoulder holster. $475



SALE PENDING Glock 26 with extended grip mag and holster (that also has an extra mag). $475



Glock 17 in excellent condition, with holster that has an extra mag. $525


Semi-auto 12gu shotgun by American Tactical Model TACSX2. These are no longer on the market, but if you want to get your fellow shooters to “meercat” your position, just open up with 6 shotgun blasts as fast as you can pull the trigger!  I took this to the range and after the first 2 shots, I was shooting at air because the paper target was so shot to pieces it fell off the holder. Seeing ALL the heads come out of the booths along the range to look my way was totally worth it! LOL This has only been fired that one time. Asking: $300



Olympic Arms GL1 Carbine. 9mm Will take everything from the 10 round G26 mag to the 33 round G18 mag!  A very fun and not so expensive carbine to shoot. I have some 33 round mags that fit this as well.  $1000



GPS Wild About Shooting Medium Range bag: $50



Sneaky Pete Holster, never used. $69



Make me an offer on the rest of this stuff:

Shoulder holster, CCW purse,  Left and Right handed “no belt” holsters, Size 6 holster, CCW under shirts, hat, Glock bag, Universal “no belt” holster, Misc items, Practice gun (not sure what it shoots).


Also have a Dillon table mounted Reloader for 9mm, but I don’t have photos of it yet.

And another shotgun I don’t have photos of yet.

Keep watching here, more will be posted soon!



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