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Jog-a-dog still for sale


I have decided to part ways with my Jog-A-Dog.  😦

It just isn’t getting used much, it’s taking up space, and I need the money at the moment.  It works great and if it weren’t for the those 3 things I would definitely hold on to it. It has always been kept inside my house, no damage, no rust. It is an older model now and I have no idea what I did with the owner’s manual.  But it comes with the original sides and the controller, which you can attach to the sides, hang off the sides, or just keep loose (or hold in your lap).  The belt surface is 57″ long and 13.25″ wide (overall length 63.5″).  This was considered the “large” size when I got it, but now it is between the newer Jog-a-dog small and medium sizes.  But as you can see in the video (taken just a bit after I got it), my 24″ (60 lb) Malinois does just fine on it.

I also just made a video today showing the various speeds and that it still works really well:  It goes fast enough that I could have Dazzle in a gallop, but I never took it more than about half the available speed for a nice jog.  Note: what looks like marks on the face of the controller is just dust that fell off a toy I found behind the machine and I didn’t notice it till I saw the video.

It has adjustable legs so you can have the belt level, or at an uphill angle. In the first video above and the photos below, the belt is at a slight angle. It has little wheels at the motor end for moving it short distances.

Pick up or local delivery only.

**If you need delivery, you’ll need to provide the muscle to get it in the back of my pick up truck (I can’t lift the heavy end).  The motor end weighs, I would guess, about 80-90 lbs!  Delivery is an extra $0.58 per mile, up to 60 miles from my house in St Leon, IN.

Price: $700 cash or M.O.

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