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I haven’t updated since July!  Sorry.  I have mostly just been updating his facebook page: So if you want more timely updates, just ask to join his page and let me know you found it from his blog.

Here are some photos I took for the weekly challenge group:

7-24-17 portrait sm7-24-17 serious portrait sm7-28-17 Tunnel sm

Last week’s photo challenge was “Fairy Tale”. This one was fun! Photo of Voodoo was taken today, other elements added as layers. Voodoo says “I found dis slipper…”8-8-17 Fairy Tale

Voodoo had his preliminary X-rays of elbows and hips this morning. He slept it off in bed for most of the day 🙂 Vet said X-rays look good. Growth plates are confirmed closed. Elbows and hips

8-24-17 prelim elbows8-24-17 prelim x-rays

Sleepy boys at a hotel and Voodoo chillin on the couch in his favorite pose

8-26-17 sleepy puppies8-30-17 sleepy sm

On Aug 12th Voodoo met up with his full brother Brooks at the barn hunt trial. It was a pleasure chatting with his mom Nicole! V on the left and B on the right. Voodoo had the same issues as all but one dog in trial one and hit on litter within about 10 sec. But on trial 2 he got first place and high in class with a run time of 3 min. even. Such a good boy! We will try again tomorrow.


He’s been working on learning agility equipment and a few progress videos are posted on my Vimeo page: There is also a nosework practice I got on video and some that were just for fun.

He is only 4 Qs away from his RATCHX2 now!  And he had a great weekend dock diving! He’s now jumping in the Elite division with a personal best of 24′ 10″!  He is also only 1 jump away from his Elite title and one jump away from his air retrieve title.

We are keeping busy and he is entered in the Eukanuba event in a couple weeks and will be doing nosework, dock diving and fastcat. If all goes well, he may get some new titles at that event!

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