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Eukanuba Dog Sports Event

Voodoo had an EXCELLENT weekend at the huge, 4 day, Eukanuba Dog Sports event this past weekend! He earned a total of 7 titles!!!

Dock diving Elite (for dogs jumping over 24′)
FastCAT BCAT (over 150 points determined by mph)
Nose work: interior, exterior, containers, and buried which earned him his nose work Novice title!

He also qualified for the championship rounds in dock diving and FastCAT but we had to opt out. I felt he had done enough of those sports and didn’t want to push it. Plus, he’s still at the short end of Elite (biggest jump this weekend: 25′ 1″) and he would have been competing against the dog that has ranked the highest in the nation (Shelby) and he’s not in that league (yet) 🙂 He only needed one Elite Q, so I only had him do 1 splash per day.

You would think that might have worn him out, but no. He was just as energetic and eager to work (play, for him) on Sunday at the awards ceremony as he was on day one! Even more so because he found out about FastCAT (straight line 100 yard dash chasing a lure coursing lure) at this event and I think he has a new obsession. LOL His fastest time was 7.47 sec which is almost 28 mph! So he was able to earn the BCAT title in just 6 runs!

9-17-17 Eukanuba ribbons 5x7 sm

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