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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Photos- “Low Key”

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The challenge in the photo group this week was a “Low Key” shot (also known as “film noir).

I am LOVING the way these came out! I was having so much fun with this that Voodoo eventually fell asleep and I got even more shots 🙂

I had to use a flashlight as my light source in the fully dark room and I needed a slow shutter to compensate for the other settings so that definitely added a challenge since any slight movement caused blur. Thankfully he can play statue pretty well :-) Definitely easier once he fell asleep though! I was then able to use a 2 sec shutter and “light paint” him, which produced my second favorite photo (laying on his side).

I had to get a few shots of Dazzle too!

It was hard to choose but this one was my favorite!:

3-28-17 Low Key 1 sm

This is a close second, only because I love Voodoo’s eyes and I can’t see them when he’s sleeping 🙂

3-28-17 Low Key 2 sm

He definitely got bored with the photo shoot!

3-28-17 Low Key 3 sm

This was before I figured out I could “paint with light” using a longer shutter speed. He wasn’t quite asleep in this shot.

3-28-17 Low Key 4 sm

If the focus in this one was sharper, it would be my favorite. But the focus is just a bit off. While I wouldn’t want to blow it up and put it on a canvas due to it’s focus issues, it looks great online at the smaller size 🙂

3-28-17 Low Key 5 sm

Dazzle wanted to know what was going on behind the closed door, so he got to play too. Since he knows how to “rest” his head on cue, his was a quick session.

3-28-17 Low Key 2 sm

I love his eyes in this one! He’s such a pro at being my photo subject 🙂

3-28-17 Low Key sm

Nosework titles and Qs

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On Wed. the 22nd Voodoo was entered in the CWAGS trials to try to get his Level 1 title. Well, he managed to get that plus 2 Qs toward his level 3 title!

Level 1 title run:

First Q at level 3. This was his second run of the night and I had him out of the car way too early. He was very excited and barked a lot.

His last run of the night- Q #2 in Level 3. He was more focused and not as barky. Hopefully he can Q two more times in level 3 on Wednesday for his level 3 title! But if not, I signed him up for 6 nosework runs at the National next month. He will be trying for his level 2 title (1 Q needed) as well as level 3 and/or level 4 depending on how he does Wednesday.

And just for fun, Voodoo playing with a young Pointer puppy after his Rally class at QC:

Later today we will be trying for the 2 more Qs he needs for his level 3 title. I’ll post the videos and updates as soon as I get a chance.

One year old on Saturday!

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It is so hard to believe, the past year has been so busy and has flown by so fast! Voodoo turns 1 year old on Saturday! I compiled video clips and photos to create this entertaining video of the past 6 months and you can see it here:

To see his first 6 months, that is documented in this fun video:

I am so thrilled with how well he is doing with everything I ask of him! He often gets compliments on his Service Dog work in public and his trialing success has been off the charts! He is a fun and friendly guy and I couldn’t ask for anything more! I’m really looking forward to seeing where the future leads us!

Barn Hunt CHAMPION!!

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So VERY proud of Black Magic of Eromit “Voodoo” who earned his RATCH with me m,today at 11 months old under back-up Judge Brenda Katz at the K9 Raticals trial in Kalamazoo, MI! He accomplished this just 5 months from when he got his RATI and it only took him 9 weekends (36 total trials)! He also got 70 points today in his very first Crazy 8 run. I’m still on cloud 9 and amazed at the accomplishments of this phenomenal puppy.

Video of Q #9:

Video of Championship run:

3-19-17 Champion sm

And some fun photos with a couple props they had available

3-18-17 St Pats day sm3-18-17 St Pats day1 sm

Week 11

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Week 11- Close up
The sun peeked out and I was able to take advantage of it, and didn’t even have to go outside! I tried to get both his eyes, but the focus wasn’t working out and he wasn’t still enough to do it manually. Also got one other shot I really like (of his nose). The nose photo took way more shots to get than I would have thought 🙂

3-14-17 close up 1 sm3-14-17 close up 2 sm

Rally practice at QC. His first run was beautiful, so I figured I’d get video of his second run. Last week his second run was just as nice as the first one even though he had to wait a long time between runs. Of course the second run today was way less than stellar 🙂 Still would have Qed, but not nearly as nice as the run I was hoping to capture 🙂 I swear he knew I had someone getting video! On his first run, he ran and did the jump as soon as we turned the corner to it! He really loves to jump! This time he waited for the cue, so that was better than the first run.



Training and other stuff

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Voodoo at the C match yesterday. I REALLY wish I could have gotten his second Novice obedience run on video because it was really great! But there wasn’t anyone to hand my camera to when I went in the ring. On his first obedience run, he was distracted by the dog in the next ring and the agility equipment that was tucked to the side just outside the ring. But the second time in he was completely focused and did a great job! This video is the 5 minutes I had in the rally ring where we were working on Excellent level signs. Still struggling with his butt swinging out a bit, especially on the fast, but I know I can get that fixed. Very happy with his engagement for 5 straight minutes with only a few treats!

Voodoo and Jiff trying to get Linda to give them treats for leaving the one on the floor between them. NOT easy for either dog to do the leave it when there was competition for the treat!

3-10-17 leave it sm


I found out what treat to use with Voodoo!  Linda was helping hide some rats for barn hunt practice and you would have thought she had doggie crack in her pockets! He wouldn’t even work for me! Kept going to her and ignoring the rats on the course. I even had buffalo jerky in my pocket, which used to keep him glued to me. Okay Voodoo, message received. Pork chops it is! I’ll just have to be careful that Dazzle doesn’t get any because pork makes him really itchy.


I did some nosework practice today at the pet store and it blew Voodoo’s mind when he found the tins! He literally did a double take, like “Mom! Look what I found HERE! In the store!” He was so proud of himself and the staff and customers enjoyed watching him. No photos or video, sorry.


A few seconds of Voodoo’s second jump training session


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Week 9 photos

I was trying to “create depth” for the challenge with an action shot, but wasn’t getting what I wanted (though I did get a couple cool shots!) So I went with a stationary shot. Also, it is warm enough today that Voodoo (& Dazzle) were seeking shade after the play session.

3-5-17 Add depth sm3-5-17 Almost got it sm3-5-17 Hi mom3-5-17 Shady spot sm3-5-17 Teeth sm

Week 10- The challenge this week is to show your dog multiple times in one photo. Found just the right dressing room mirror for this shot. Had to find one that had moveable sides and a non-cluttered background. Thankfully it was a quiet day at the mall and no one questioned my going from dressing room to dressing room with no clothes to try on. LOL There are things I would prefer were different in this shot, but Voodoo’s feet were sliding and it was stressing him a bit to keep getting put back in place so I decided this one was good enough. Pretty sure he needs another chiropractic adjustment on his hips. He’s scheduled for one in 2 weeks, but I’ll call tomorrow and see if anything opens up sooner. He is about to stress yawn in this shot. Might have to try this shot again if I happen to find the right mirror with a non-slippery floor in the future.

3-7-17 Multidog sm

This was my first attempt at it, using some mirrors off the shelf in Walmart. But I had to edit out a lot of the background and the lighting made getting a good shot hard. Only had my cell phone.

3-7-17 Multidog2 sm

Pro photos from the Barn Hunt by Springfield photography:

(Can click on any photo to see it larger)