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Training checklists

The following files are training check lists developed by me that I have updated since starting with my Malinois 8 yrs ago. Feel free to use these for your own genius puppy (though in some cases, there are terms and jargon used from the source where I learned about it that may not make sense if you haven’t had the same training).

Socialization check list– This is an ever growing list as I learn of new things that can cause some dogs to stress out if they haven’t encountered it during the socialization window. The goal is to expose the puppy to as many of these items as possible and create a “feel good” feeling about each one (while making sure that none of them scare or stress the puppy). Feel free to use and share it.

FOUNDATION Behaviors Check list – This is an over view check list.  The training steps for many of these are found below. These are things the puppy should master or have a solid understanding of by the age of 1 year. This file helps explain some of the details of some of the behaviors and concepts. Behaviors explained

Sport Behaviors check list – again, this is an overview list and the detailed training steps are below. These are things that are taught and mastered over the first several years of the dog’s life.


Some of these assume a certain level of training when starting, others “lump” several steps together because they are designed primarily as my “reminders” of the basic steps. but I’m sharing them here in case others find them helpful. Each line of the check off sheet and each behavior within that line are repeated several times until the puppy/dog has mastered that level before moving to the next step. A highlighter can be used to add a mark each time the item is included in a training session.


First three days of training

Cookie Jar

Crate games

Loose leash walking

Mat work

May I touch you

Nail trims

Other behaviors

Other people

Rear end awareness

Release/drop it

Rocket Recall- whistle – yahoo

Self control with food-toy

Training steps- eyes- leave it

Whistle stop-sit



Body awareness- Parcour


Impulse Control games

Meeting fire fighters

Relaxed when alone

Training with multiple dogs all at once




Fly and obed exercises

Handler Scent Discrimination for puppy


Retrieve- (pg 2 is in field work)

Retrieve- alternate method

Stay – 4 pgs

Strut- heads up heeling

End goal regarding stillness for all retrieve holds:


Agility basics

Gun Dog training:

Desensitize to

Directional control

Fly for retriever training

Retrieve- including pg 2 (specific to field retrieves)

Retrieve- alternate method (for field work)

Rocket Recall- whistle – yahoo

Teaching your dog Directional Control

Whistle stop-sit

Focus Forward heeling

Water Zen


Service Dog:

Service dog tasks

Other Sports:



Rally- Rally Free- Freestyle



HERDING SHAPING (foundation skills)

1-30-12 Picnic 3



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