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Results of the past 12 months

Voodoo has had a VERY busy first 12 months of trialing! Between 9-25-16 (the day he turned 6 mo. old) and 9-17-17 (at 17 mo old) he earned 25 titles in 7 different sports + CGC and Tricks. These were things that would not be too hard on his young body, but now that he is 18 mo. old (on 9-25), we will be starting to work on more rigorous things like Agility, energetic head-up heeling and doing more than just a few turns per day at future Dock Diving and Lure Coursing events. There will be a break in trialing for a while though, while I build up my finances again because building a full agility course and trial entry fees are not cheap! 🙂
Break down of his titles:
1 – Field work (WC)
3- Obedience (BN, RN, CW-Ob1)
7- Barn Hunt (Instinct – Champion X)
3- CWAGS nosework (Level 1-3)
5- AKC nosework (all 4 Novice elements + Novice title)
2- Dock Diving (Master and Elite)
2- Tricks (NTD and ITD)
1- Lure Coursing (FastCAT- BCAT)
1- Other (CGC)
The 7 sports represented so far are: Field work, Barn Hunt, Obedience, Rally, Dock Diving, Nosework, and Lure Coursing. Plus CGC and Tricks.
If you want to see more details, check out this page:
He has blown me away with each Q and title earned because he makes it seem so effortless! He is able to take what he learns at home and apply it in ANY environment, which is huge! And he learns new things incredibly fast and once he has it, he retains that knowledge/ability. I have NO doubt this is greatly aided by all the early work of the breeder, from the training and selection of his parents to hours and hours of early training, stimulation, and exposure to many novel things. It set him up for success by creating a puppy that is very stable and understands how to learn and retain what he has learned. Thank-you Erin Lynes and Eromit Labs! And, I’m sure, 30 years of training dogs on my part has helped a bit too 🙂
I am so excited by his future and good Lord willing, if my body holds out long enough, I’d love to see him become a Champion in even more sports. As long as it is fun for both of us, we will continue to play the games.
9-20-17 First year of trials sm

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  1. wow!! this is stunning, Chris (and Voodoo!) I am so happy for you both!! What a tribute to your hard work and commitment. Two beautiful beings! Congratulations! Lilly and I miss you and Mike and Dazzle very much! we would love to see you sometime if you think it could happen safely.
    May you rest and enjoy these accomplishments and get ready for the next phase….

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  2. p/s – I can’t believe how huge he is in this picture….hey, Voodoo, we remember you when….



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