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The following websites and videos are excellent resources for learning how to raise a genius puppy.

What makes the ideal Service Dog candidate?

Why dogs don’t do what you want

Turning Bad Dog into Retrieve -If your puppy runs off with your stuff, read this to turn that annoying behavior into a lovely retrieve! They will BRING you their found items instead of running off with them.

Self Control and IA are the keys – these are the keys to the dog training universe

The Puppy Prodigies website explains how to start training, even before the pups are born!! And the early learning training continues till they go to their new homes. This program and others like it have been used for Service Dog schools and it has cut their wash out rate dramatically:

Another excellent resource for breeders and puppy owners:

A helpful website and comprehensive DVD set that helps breeders raise amazingly bold and smart puppies

Puppy evaluation testing:

Fenzi Dog Sport Academy- Online dog training on a wide variety of topics, brings +R training to people around the globe! Topics include obedience, agility, foundation skills, gun dog training, bite sports and more!

Free dog training videos covering a wide range of topics. Be sure to click on the “view more” link to see basic training, puppy foundations and problem solving videos:

A list of links to more fantastic free training videos:

This page explains the type of training I use and have used to teach my working line, high drive Malinois to compete and excel in a wide variety of sports including 3 Champion titles and over 40 other titles as of this writing:

A fantastic list of books that are “must haves” in any dog trainers library:

If you want to do conformation trials with your dog, here is a website dedicated to positive training for that:

A listing of the best posts and articles from the ClickerSolutions list:

Dogs in public are NOT public property  handout

For the public– educational handout about Service Dogs

How dogs were domesticated

Why you should let your new puppy sleep with you

What happens to the pups prior to growth plate closure has a big impact on the development of hip dysplasia. Most puppies are BORN with perfect hips but how they develop as the cartilage changes to bone and as they grow can have a big impact. Most of the factors can be controlled by breeders and owners to help increase the proper formation of the joints.

My own video pages:

Older videos are here:

My more current videos are here:  Once I get my new puppy, I will be posting several videos of his training on this site.

Other helpful resources:

Excellent way to see the quality of most dog foods including dry kibble, canned, moist and manufactured raw diets:

DIY pvc ring gates

Building a set of weave poles from steel framing squares: DIY Weave Pole Base

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