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About Voodoo

About Voodoo

Voodoo is from Eromit Labrador Retrievers in British Columbia, Canada (

He was born March 25, 2016 as the last puppy to be born in a litter of 10. The breeding was the third litter for Shelby and Ruger, so Voodoo has several older full siblings that are doing amazing things. He is the last puppy Shelby will have, as she was retired after his litter.

The breeder, Erin Lynes and her husband, did an AMAZING amount of work with the puppies, including exposure to an astonishing number of sights, sounds, textures, scents, and people as well as starting their training with eye contact, sit for attention, crate training, and so much more!  All the hard work produced a puppy that she described to me as  social, outgoing, very food/toy motivated, not barky, and is the tallest of the boys in the litter. She has an extensive questionnaire for her puppy buyers and did an amazing job of getting me exactly what I wanted!

He is amazingly smart, unflappable, social with everyone he meets (humans and dogs), athletic, energetic (but with an excellent off switch), and lovable. He has met and exceeded my expectations and training him is a true joy!

My plans for him include helping him to become my next Service Dog, as well as excelling in a multitude of dog sports for as long as I’m able to compete!

You can see his pedigree here: Pedigree for Voodoo

6 weeks old:

5-6-16 Kirby 1

11 weeks old:

6-10-16 Desi tug6

16 weeks:

7-17-16 Creation Museum Garden Sm

5 mo. old (23 weeks)

9-1-16 Campbell Preserve sm

6 mo. old with first ribbons


Almost 8 mo. old




3-19-17 Champion sm

Youngest dog to earn a Barn Hunt CHAMPION title! (11 mo old)

3-23-17 first year awards sm

Ribbons earned in 6 months (by 1 year of age)

9-20-17 First year of trials sm

Ribbons earned in his first 12 months of trials (25 titles)

4-15-18 Ribbons 1 and half yrs of trials

Ribbons earned in first 12 months of trials

See the “Titles and Qs” page of the site to see our progress.

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