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Monthly Archives: October 2016

‘Prep for Novice’ class

Voodoo did great in the “Prep for Novice Competition” class! He did his first stand for exam (with me feeding him treats) and his first stay line up. While the instructor was talking or working one on one with folks, we practiced his stays, auto sit, and stand for exam with me doing the touch. The hardest part of class for him is waiting or doing nothing, so we work on something through the entire class. He’s fine with working on stays, but not just standing around at the end of the leash with no particular behavior expected of him.

I’m so thankful to have an instructor for this class who promotes positive obedience training!  Voodoo and I are doing some of the things a bit differently than what she is teaching, but she is advocating for the dogs and saying things like “If the dog breaks the stay, it’s the human’s fault for pushing for too much too fast” and reminding people to praise and reward their dogs for a job well done. Such a nice change from “pop your dog” and “don’t let him get away with that” when the dog doesn’t even understand what the handler wants yet!


RATN title (Title #8)

One last title added while Voodoo is still 6 mo. old (turns 7 mo. tomorrow) 🙂 Today he earned his Barn Hunt Novice title, first place and high in class! Video:

Over the winter, we will be focusing on Barn Hunt, Nose Work and upper level Tricks titles and preparing him for the Novice Obedience class. He will need to wait till he’s a bit older to do more Rally since the Advanced class has a jump. I updated his page of titles, scores and video links here: Voodoos-titles-and-Qs Eight titles in one month in six different sports/activities, with very good scores! A pretty good start!

RN title and BN title!

Voodoo added 2 new titles today!! We had a great day today and he was really “ON IT”. He earned a 98 in Rally and got his RN (Rally Novice title). Then earned a 194 in Beginner Novice and earned his BN title! Couldn’t be more proud of him! Videos:

Rally Nov:

Beginner Nov:

I noticed a few stress yawns today, but he stayed up beat and focused. We will take a break from Obedience competition till he’s rock solid and ready for Novice (and old enough to jump the Rally Advanced jump) and will focus for now on Barn Hunt and Nose work.

I also got a CD of photos from Dick Clark Photography. My favorites are below.


Wild ears:


Rocket recall:


Realized he was going to fast


Yup!  Too fast!!  (he crashed into me and ended up sort of in heel position)


Sit for exam


Beginner Novice stay (while I walk around the ring)


Rally heeling:


Sit for exam


Right back to focus after the Judge’s hand comes off


Judge Kath Cook and our two title ribbons


2 more Q’s

Two more qualifying runs today at the Rally and Obedience trials. Voodoo got 3rd place in Rally Novice. He got a 92, but would have been a 97 if the Judge had seen us when we did the sidestep right. Oh well, sometimes you get a gift, sometimes you lose points you shouldn’t have. Video:

Beginner Novice wasn’t as smooth, but he did Q. I left the ribbons attached to his crate at the trial so I’m going from memory, but I think it was a 182.5 or 187.5

For some reason, his “sitter” was broken during heeling. Whenever I stopped, he would take a step or two back and stand there wagging his tail as though that was perfectly correct. 🙂 We stopped off at QC to do some practice on the auto sit while heeling. Hopefully he has it back for tomorrow. Video:

Treadmill training

Decided to start Voodoo on the treadmill. I’m not using it for aerobic exercise though. Instead, I’m going to use it to teach him the mechanics of moving with his head up and straight in a way that I can SEE him and reward correct position. It’s also a good low impact, low speed exercise that will help condition his muscles and balance for the heads up heeling as we work in short sessions. This is just the beginning steps and we just start to touch on the goal at the end of the montage of clips.



Today I tried to recreate the photo I took of Dazzle and Voodoo when Voodoo was just 9 weeks old. It wasn’t easy to do considering I couldn’t see my phone screen in the sun, but it’s the best I could do. I think it clearly shows how much he has grown! I’m hoping he will add another couple of inches in height before he stops growing up and works on filling out. 🙂


And Voodoo and Dazzle are still doing GREAT together! As you can see in this photo of Voodoo flopped across Dazzle’s head during play.


Another title :-)

This evening Voodoo was tested for the Canine Good Citizen title and passed the testing! So he adds CGC after his name. No video or photos, sorry. He will get a certificate in the mail once I mail in the paperwork.