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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Dock diving fun

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Voodoo (& Dazzle) had a blast today! There was a birthday party for Wiley at the K9 Splash Zone and we attended. My throws were off today, especially for Voodoo. But J.D. McKnight was there and he did some throws for Voodoo! J.D.’s dog, Storie, holds the NADD record at 30′ 7″! We got to watch Storie jump too and it is breath taking! She makes it look so effortless!

Voodoo’s video:

Dazzle’s video:


One year together

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12 months ago today the most amazing and perfect puppy came to Indiana and enriched my life in ways I could not have imagined. He is becoming a wonderful service dog and has made mind blowing accomplishments in a number of dog sports. I can never thank Erin Lynes and her husband enough for entrusting me with one of their puppies. And I’m ever so thankful to Laura VanArendonk Baugh (& her husband for his help) for traveling all the way across the country and crossing the border and going through all the hassles the return trip threw at her to get him for me! Sadly, I don’t recall who first recommended Eromit to me and sent me the link, but I am very thankful to that person as well!
Given the accomplishments we have made so far together, I am SO excited about our future and to see where it takes us!

Master title- dock diving

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Voodoo had an EXCELLENT weekend and not only earned his Master title his first weekend of Dock Diving, but also won the Master division jump-off! And Dazzle got 2nd place in the Master division. Voodoo’s personal best is now 23’10”!! Just 2″ from the Elite division. I think he’s going to be doing some BIG jumps when he matures and muscles up!

A few photos from the weekend. I think you can click on them to see them larger.

Dock Diving competition

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Voodoo did AMAZING today at his first official dock diving competition (NADD)! His first jump was 20.4′ then 20.5 in the first splash. Second splash was 21.5 and 22.0!

Then we tried the air retrieve for the very first time and he jumped 10′ then 11′, then 12′, then 13′, then 14′ then 15′ to grab the bumper before he missed it at 16′!

Current records are 30.7′ for the distance and 26′ for air retrieve. So he’s already jumping Master division distances in his first event and at no even 14 months old! If he stays in the Master division tomorrow (Over 20′ and under 23’11”) for all 3 jumps, he will have his Master title!

Distance jumps:

Air Retrieve Jumps:



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Finally had a chance to edit and upload the many videos I have taken during and since the CWAGS National. Sorry for the “dump” here, but I want to get caught up. I’m just going to put the links rather than the thumbnails in the interest of saving space on this post.

CWAGS National- Voodoo’s Obedience Level 1 title run:

CWAGS National Starter Rally run:

Videos of Voodoo’s Barn Hunt runs Qs # 3-9 toward his RATCHX:

Q #3:
Q #4:
Q #5:
Q #6:
Q #7: (no video)
Q #8:
Q #9:

CWAGS Nosework Q #3 of 4 toward Level 4 title:

Dock Diving practice session:

How I watch TV:



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I thought Voodoo only needed 2 Qs to get his RATCHX (which he got this weekend) but when I went to update the blog, I just saw he needed 3! Crap! I was premature in thinking he got his RATCHX, even got the photo and personalized RATCHX tube. He still needs 1 more leg for it. 😦

I’m usually good at keeping track of stuff like that. Not sure why I had it in my head that he only needed 2 Qs. Sorry Dogwood! I can send the tube back to you.

Weekly photos

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I have fallen behind on the weekly photos and I’m trying to play catch up as I have time.

The first photo is for the challenge of using tones to create a mood.

I used lots of post processing on this one. I plan to revisit this challenge, but in the interests of time (& not getting too far behind) I’m going with this shot for now.

I found this set up at the Robert’s Center where I was Judging the past couple days and had a vision for how I wanted this to look. But I only had my phone with me and the lighting wasn’t good. I don’t feel I matched my vision of it. But it is what it is and I’ve reached the point where I have to stop messing with it and move on.

5-11-17 Tones for mood sm

Photo challenge- Frame within the frame

Voodoo did a great job on this one and I love how it turned out! He had to stay by the opening while I walked quite a distance away and was out of sight for a bit to get where I needed to be for the photo. He chose this pose and it was better than the one I had planned 🙂

5-8-17 Frame within a frame sm

Another great weekend!

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The boys had a very successful weekend!


  • 5 qualifying runs out of 6 tries
  • 2 High in Class awards
  • 3 first place ribbons
  • 2 second place ribbons


  • 3 for 3 (qualified in all his runs)
  • 1 first place ribbon (beating his brother)
  • 1 high in class
  • 1 second place
  • 1 fourth place



Amazing weekend!

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Voodoo had an amazing weekend! Over the 3 day event, he was entered in 11 trials and qualified in all but 2 of them (and 1 of those NQ was completely my fault- he would have had another really high score)!

  • He earned 3 titles (one in Obedience and 2 in Scent)
  • Got a “fastest dog” ribbon for nose work!
  • He earned one 1st place ribbon, two 2nd place ribbons and one 3rd place
  • Earned a perfect score (100) in obedience (and a 99.5 in another).
  • He tried level 4 scent for the first time and qualified in both runs!

I know I have said it several times before, but this pup just blows me away! He was just as eager and precise in his last run as he was in the first. Only issue was that his alert indication for nosework went from a strong nose touch (what we trained) to the barking alert (what he WANTS his indication behavior to be) as we did the 6 scent detection runs. And the one NQ that was all him was when he lied about the location of odor in his first level 3 run, so then I kept second guessing him and he got frustrated. But I am so thrilled with how wonderful he did!

4-30-17 Cwags National sm