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Progress so far

So far I have contacted or spoken with the following people based on referrals from people I know or in a few cases, a web search:

Hoosier Labrador Retriever Club for breeder referral- no reply to email

High Caliber Kennel – heard back and sounds promising. Will keep in touch.

Leroy (Lee) Nelson (on phone)- very helpful

Rachael Thornton (on phone)- very helpful

Carolyn Elam (recommended by Lee Nelson) and she referred me to Misty Morning Retrievers. Steve Earick at Misty Morning Retrievers replied and I’ll set up a meeting with him after Feb.

Crest Hill Kennel- waiting to hear back

Katie Griffiths at Stoneridge Kennels- spoke with one of her happy clients. Not sure if Katie’s dogs are tall enough. Didn’t get reply to follow-up email about that.

Steve Laseter and his wife (on phone) sounded promising

Rita Jones with Sea Side retrievers- conversed via email and will be watching Clooney’s page with interest.

Contacted Scott Leonescu who bred his female to Clooney- waiting to hear back

Contacted Hat Creek Retrievers in GA- waiting to hear back



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