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The puppy’s name

I have been tossing around lots of name ideas in my head, some were contenders for quite awhile, others were dismissed fairly quickly. But the call name I keep coming back to has a few different meanings, is easy to say, can be shortened, and it’s unique. And the registered name fits with the pup’s color.

Registered name:

Eromit’s Black Magic

Call name:



Voo or V Voodoo magic1

The name is representing more of the mystery and magic aspect than any “evil” aspect of black magic and voodoo. Some people think +R training is kind of like magic or some creative art form. And of course the pup will have black fur, so I wanted to have “black” in the registered name.

I had narrowed the choice down to three possibles, but I kept coming back to Voodoo and it’s the one I like the best. So now rather than “the puppy” I’ll be able to use a name!

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