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Beyond tolerance- Shaping for demand” is an older article from Clean Run that I just found, but I really love it for it’s clarity.  The author, Julie Daniels, is teaching an online course starting Feb. 1st (registration open now till Feb 15th) at the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy on this very interesting topic.

The Empowerment class will have updated and expanded information that will apply these concepts to many different dog sports. It will help you help any dog or puppy to be empowered and be, not just tolerant but confident with multiple things he may encounter in various dog sports. It will teach you how to break down something challenging, like the agility teeter example in the article, into not only easier behaviors, but how to master the CONCEPTS involved (balance, motion, noise). And it is a class I am really looking forward to taking!

I have taken 15 courses so far at the Fenzi Academy (almost all at Bronze) and LOVE them!  Each term I think “I think I can skip this term” and then I read the course descriptions and find at least one, if not more classes that I really want to take!  It is like an addiction and the instructors are top notch and make learning so fun! I am blown away by just how much can be learned from an online dog training course!

If you take the class at Bronze, it is like an observer spot at a seminar.  You can see everything that is posted (by the instructor, and the gold/Silver level students) but you don’t get to interact on the class forum. For those on facebook, there are private groups set up for each Fenzi class where the bronze level students can ask questions and post their training videos. While the instructors are not in those facebook groups, there are often others who are experienced with the class material that can and do answer questions and can offer feedback on your videos.

So if you are bored, or in a rut, or need something to work on during the cold winter, check out the offerings at the Academy. But I warn you, the classes are like potato chips, you can’t take just one!

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