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Low profile ID collar

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ID collar smI created this low profile ‘ID only’ collar for Voodoo (not intended for attaching a leash) since I’ll be using a harness on him till he masters loose leash walking. It uses a slip on ID tag from boomerang tags, a piece cut from a 10′ sample of high flex 3/4″ wide biothane (I’ll need to create new biothane lengths as he grows). And a clasp from an “elite” wrist band from

If you decide to replicate this, please use this link to get to the RoadID website (I’ll get a site credit) This would work best with an adult dog, so you don’t have to cut a new piece of biothane as the pup grows, but with a 10′ length, I think I’ll get several collars out of it before I need more. And the clasp and ID tag should last a LONG time.

The biothane is from and comes in LOTS of colors! Get it 3/4″ wide to work with the RoadID clasp. It is waterproof, flexible, and doesn’t get “stinky” like nylon.

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