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Finally, a boy was born! Oreck arrived as 8th puppy on March 26th at 2:11 Pacific time. Six hours and one minute after the first girl was born!  He is a little undercooked- you can just barely see in this photo that the bottom of his little pads are still pink- but he’s doing great and will soon have the dark pigment that his siblings have. He weighed 11.3 oz at birth and is already up to 15.7 oz.

3-28-16 Oreck

Hoover was born 9th, at 2:39 am. He weighed 12.4 oz at birth and has grown to 16.6 oz.

3-28-16 Hoover

The last Shelby puppy ever to be born- Kirby- arrived at 4:35 am. He weighed 13.7 oz at the time but is now the biggest puppy at 17.4 oz. The breeder put the same collar on this pup as the one I bought for Voodoo- premonition? We will see!

3-28-16 Kirby

The breeder will pick out my puppy first, from these 3 boys. That won’t happen till after they are at least 7 weeks old.  This is so the structure of the pups can be assessed and their personalities are better known. So for the next 7-8 weeks, I’ll be posting about all 3 since any of them could potentially be Voodoo.

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  1. OMG!!!! This is so amazing! Thank you for answering all my current questions – this is totally fascinating…and I am sure I am not nearly as excited as you are….but last night I had a dream about Voodoo, I swear! It was a great dream!

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