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3 weeks old!

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The pups are already 3 weeks old!  Hoover was the first one in the litter to escape the whelping box (at 2.5 weeks old) and then he defeated the separation system and went to nurse with one of the other moms 🙂 Eyes are open and they are starting to have an interest in playing with toys. Here are some photos from Saturday.

Top left: Hoover          Top right: Kirby        Bottom: Oreck

The puppies born 6 weeks ago got to go for a swim today and I look forward to seeing the photos/video of this litter in a few weeks when they get to do the same! I just set up Dazzle’s pool, so it will be ready when Voodoo wants to go for a swim 🙂 But I’ll also set up a baby pool for him to splash around in.

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  1. Hoover went out of the whelping box and nursed with another mom? how many litters does this woman have going? lots of work…and how would Hoover’s mom deal with that? and the other mom? I am so curious about how all of this works.


    • Yes, he went to nurse with another litter. 🙂 She had 3 females she wanted to breed all go into heat at the same time and they gave birth within 3 days of each other so she REALLY has her hands full! But she won’t have another litter till the Fall. She didn’t say how the moms reacted, but I’d guess they were fine with it. She has since set up better barriers 🙂



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