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Kirby is my puppy!!

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Just found out that Kirby has been selected to be my puppy!  I am SO excited!  I hadn’t really picked a favorite from the boys, so I would be happy with any one of them, but the breeder said Kirby is VERY food and toy motivated, has high energy but a good “off switch” and he’s the quietest and tallest of the pups. Also a very social and outgoing guy. He sounds perfect! I am SO excited to meet him! The breeder will start calling him Voodoo so he gets used to his new name.  And I sent her some items with my (and Dazzle’s) scent on them, so he can “meet” us over the next week and get used to our scents so we won’t be so brand new when he arrives and he will already have some familiarity. This should help make the transition easier. I am SO excited for his future and can’t wait to continue what the breeder has started and expand his world and knowledge!

5-6-16 Kirby 1

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