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Vet check and weights

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Getting caught up on updates.  This is from the breeder regarding the pups 6 week check ups on May 6th:

“Our Vacuums and Transformers are 6 weeks old today…. so all 20 puppies went to the vet for their checkups. I’ve been dreading this all week (can you imagine the racket that 20 puppies could potentially make?) but miraculously, they were some of the BEST behaved puppies we’ve ever had! Before their checkup, the puppies had lunch, a big play, and a bath, and then were bundled into crates for the 25 minute journey into town… spent about an hour and half at the vet clinic, and then returned home- barely a peep the whole time! I’ve taken some pictures (while they are all squeaky clean) that I’ll post later, but here are their official 6 week weights: Kimber’s puppies- Pyra- 4.8 lbs, Swipe- 5.28 lbs, Arcee- 5.5 lbs, Minerva, Springer and Mangus – 6.6 lbs, Ratchet 6.8 lbs, Wheelie and Cliff- 7 lbs, and OP 7.26 lbs. Shelby’s pups- Eureka-5.28 lbs, Roomba- 5.5 lbs, Neato 5.72 lbs, Bissell and Oreck 6.38 lbs, Shark 6.6 lbs, Dirt Devil and Dyson – 6.8 lbs, Kirby – 7 lbs, and Hoover 7.26 lbs.

They also had their first experience with water on a walk to the little stream:

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  1. I think it is amazing that none of them get lost….I cannot imagine taking 10 puppies for a walk in the field!
    Will Kirby be the first to leave the pack?


  2. Not sure if he will be first. Some of the folks getting pups are local to the breeder, so I’d guess they will get their pup as soon as they can 🙂


  3. I love that they named a litter of Labrador puppies after vacuum cleaners LOL!


  4. Yeah, I wondered how many would keep their names 🙂 Might be used as a nickname for some of them.



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