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In the arms of a friend

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Voodoo has left the breeder and is now with my friend Laura who will be transporting him to me tomorrow.  They have a LONG day of flights and layovers. Help me pray for a safe and uneventful trip for them both. SOOO looking forward to picking him up at the airport tomorrow night!  Well, just after midnight on Thursday. They went for a walk, he got to try out his travel crate (fell asleep in it) and is now napping on her lap in the hotel.  If I can figure out how to save and post the adorable photos she’s messaging me, I’ll do that 🙂 For now, this one is from the breeder.

5-23-16 Voodoo

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  1. ah….answering my questions! Yes, praying with you that the flights go smoothly, without delays and difficulties. Such a blessing that he is coming in the arms of your trusted friend Laura… tender this “transition” – wishing you all the best!!!
    love from Lilly and me!



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