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Harness wearing and photos

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The harness training has progressed to where Voodoo is now wearing the harness!  He fully understands that shoving his head in the loop gets him the treat and he’s doing so with gusto and even when he has to move away from the treat to do it!

I also did a session on “release” (drop it) with a toy, but the camera ran out of battery right after it started. 😦 No doubt we will be working on that more.

Photos from today:

 At night, he spends about the first 4 hours in his crate, then he wakes up and needs to go out.  After his potty break, to prevent him from barking and waking up my husband, I then put him in bed with me and this is where he wants to sleep. But he’s quiet and doesn’t care if I move around and he sleeps for nearly another 4  hours, so I’m not complaining! 5-29-16 Sleeping spot Sm

This morning he stayed like this after I got out of bed, long enough for me to get the photo at least 🙂

5-29-16 Comfy Sm

Just a swangin’… He seemed to like he patio swing.

5-29-16 Just a swangin Sm

He keeps inching closer to Dazzle to see where the boundary is.  It has gotten smaller and now seems to be contact. I get a “mom, he’s touching me” look after he warns him off with a grumble. I am SOOO proud of Dazzle though. Today he caught a mouse sized mole and really wanted it, but Voodoo dove on it and stole it right out from under his nose and Dazzle just let him do it!!  I was sure he would defend his now dead prize, but I guess “puppy license” wins.  Voodoo also REALLY wanted that mole!!  I had to pick him up to keep him away from it and then he kept sniffing around where it was after it got pitched over the fence.

5-29-16 Hanging together Sm

Voodoo has scared me a few times by “disappearing”. The first time I called him and he wiggled out from under the low Jog-a-dog I busted out laughing (he also likes to go under my bed).  He likes to take his toys under the machine. His 9 weeks measurement at 12.5″ tall at the withers (1/4″ taller than Dazzle was at that age), but I don’t think he’s going to fit under there much longer. 🙂

5-29-16 fav hiding spot Sm

I think the toy box exploded 🙂

5-28-16 toybox exploded Sm

Found a cool spot 🙂

5-28-18 Cool spot Sm


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  1. oh, I am loving all these details, with photos!



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