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June 1st already!

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This year is just flying by!  Today we did some fun stuff and some training stuff.

For fun, here is video of Voodoo playing in my basement and doing a Master level barn hunt tunnel!  It is pitch black inside, so I think he got a bit lost, but managed to find the end. This was the second time he went through, the first time I didn’t get on video. He’s also playing with the tether tug after seeing Dazzle do it 🙂  And we have a little ditch in the yard from the drain pipe we installed several years ago. And voodoo loves to follow it with his nose. So I included a little clip of that.

We also did some training today.  Worked on the pivot bowl, but still too early for him to realize it’s the movement of his back feet that are getting clicked. Had to include his little improvisation as well. It was really hard not to click for all 4 feet on the little bowl!  Also worked on releasing the tug toy on cue. He’s SOOO much better about this than Dazzle was. 🙂 And then we did a short session of hand zen (don’t mug my hand) and eye contact gets clicked/rewarded.

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