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Noises,wobbly things and the dog door

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Today’s training sessions focused on acclimation to noises and movement, but he is already beyond where I started him today thanks to all that his breeder has done with him!  But I like to start where it is fun and easy and work up from there.

I wanted to start with some bubble wrap with nice big bubbles, but quickly found out the darn stuff is not “pop-able”! Should be illegal! Who makes bubble wrap you can’t pop!?  While I couldn’t pop it, Voodoo’s sharp teeth had no problems and he had the whole sheet flat in a matter of seconds. LOL

6-2-16 unpopable bubble wrap Sm

So I started with the “pillows” you see in the video.  The pops on the ones that actually popped (instead of fizzling) were rather loud, but he didn’t even seem to notice.  I heard they were doing construction near the puppy pens before I got him, so the litter was exposed to hammering, saws, etc. and this training session was super easy for him.  I upped the difficulty by using the board, but even there I started really easy and will increase the force I use to make the noise louder in future sessions. Notice his tail rarely stops moving 🙂

He has been watching Dazzle use the dog door and I could tell he really wanted to figure it out.  So I did a little more work on that today and after a minute or so of yowling outside, he got it, twice! I’m sure he will be racing through it full speed like Dazzle in no time at all!

Also worked on potty on different surfaces today.  So far he had pottied on grass (his strong preference), concrete, gravel, mulch, and not on purpose- carpet. And he lifted his leg really high today when he peed on the fence!  Laura said he hiked his leg when she had him too (8.5 weeks)!  He has amazing balance and strength for his age!

Which is evident in the last part of the video.  I normally wouldn’t have started with something so hard, but I knew it would be a piece of cake for him and I was right.  His balance and strength for a 9.5 week old pup is incredible! And has made a few of the items I bought for the purpose obsolete 🙂


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