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Voodoo is now big enough to easily get on the couches. He likes to take stuff up on them to chew on. I try my best to be there to lift him down, but haven’t always caught him before he jumps. Makes me cringe!

6-2-16 comfy couch2 Sm

He’s also doing a good job of sucking up to my husband (when he’s not trying to chew on my husband’s feet). He has climbed up in his lap several times for belly rubs and to wrestle.

6-3-16 sucking up Sm

Today’s video isn’t much. Just Voodoo shredding my big 2013 desk calendar and a bit of him following Dazzle. I never seem to have my camera ready when Voodoo starts chasing him and by the time I get it ready, Dazzle has out run him or Voodoo gets distracted by something else. 🙂 I may do some training with him later this evening.

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