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Field Day!

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From June 7th, 2016 Voodoo had a field day today! Literally šŸ™‚ We went to a mock field trial day (gun dog trial) and he had a blast! And BIG NEWS… He not only swam for the first time since I got him, he retrieved a full size bumper from the water too! And, I got it on video!! Check it out here:

He met and played with several dogs and people, heard LOTS of gun shots that didn’t phase him in the slightest, sniffed and chewed on some dead ducks, watched dogs doing field work, chilled out during a REALLY heavy downpour, rode on an ATV, and I was able to get some (dead) ducks for his future training. I really enjoyed the day and saw lots of people I already knew and made some new friends as well. Excited to get started on his field work training. There’s a Working Certificate titling opportunity that will happen when he’s almost 7 mo. old šŸ™‚

“Waiting in line”. And playing with Hannah

6-5-16 in line Sm

Close to the action. 2 gunner stations visible in this photo (in the distance) with the guy in white waiting for his turn.

6-5-16 Hunt test field Sm

By the pond

6-5-16 By the lake Sm

Nibbling on duck feet

6-5-16 nibbling on toes Sm

He preferred chomping on the beak!

6-5-16 Prefers the beak Sm

Riding on the ATV

6-5-16 Riding on the ATV Sm6-5-16 Ready for a ride Sm

Taking his prize back to the tent

6-5-16 Proud of his prize Sm

Chilling out under the pop-up tent during a heavy, windy downpour

6-5-16 Bored w waiting out the rain Sm

Playing with a baby Doxie

6-5-16 playing w baby Doxie Sm

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  1. these are great photos and stories! I love reading about and seeing his development. The joy of all involved, including Dazzle, is so obvious and gives me and Lilly joy…..and we miss you!



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