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Italian Festival

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From 6-13-16

Voodoo did FANTASTIC at the Italian Festival today! It was really hot (near 90), so we mostly went from shady spot to shady spot. He got lots of practice with just chilling and watching the world go by. I kept him well hydrated and his fur wet. Rather than having him do a lot of walking or me having to hold him, I had him ride on my scooter (which also kept him from getting stepped on).

I got us there early, before it technically opened so that the crowds wouldn’t be as heavy. And we stopped a distance away from anything I thought might be scary so I could judge his reaction before we got close and I took video. He took all the strange sights, sounds and smells in stride. Like he saw the carnival rides and crowds all the time 🙂 The thing that most got his attention was the leaves blowing along the walkway! He about jumped off the scooter to get one. And when he did a potty stop, he picked up and carried a leaf with him till he was done, which got a couple “awwww, look at him” type comments.

He met LOTS of people including some police officers in uniform and almost met a guy all in silver, acting like a statue. But he would only wave at Voodoo, not make contact. Voodoo was ignoring him anyway 🙂

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