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Here is some video of the “release” cue (drop it) practice and some retrieve practice.

We’re also working on getting his nails filed, but I barely have enough hands to do that and deliver treats. The counter where I’m working isn’t big enough to set the phone on the tiny tripod and my camera (with the full size tripod) needs a new camera card. So no video for now.

It’s been going slow, but after some practice with his front feet, I was able to get one back foot done while my husband held a bully stick for Voodoo. I got all his nails trimmed early last week when he was really tired and mostly slept through it 🙂 But they are getting long again so we’re going to do a little at a time each day. I know patience and practice now will pay off for his entire life. But I’m wishing I had started on it earlier.

Some bad storms rolled through, and Voodoo slept through them. Yea!!

He got an ice cube that Dazzle dropped and had a blast pawing and biting at it and carrying it around and rolling on it. Tried to get video, but it didn’t turn out very well.

He and Dazzle have been having short bouts of play. But Dazzle is kind of like a cat in that it’s all friendly till he decides he’s done and then he snarks.  Not bad, but it’s seemingly without warning like a cat enjoying a good scratch that suddenly nails you with teeth and claws. Voodoo is still being very respectful and will back off when Dazzle tell him to back off.  Hopefully he will start to pick up on dazzle’s subtle signals that I’m missing so he can back off before Dazzle barks.

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