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Pop Con and Celtic Fest

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From 6-20-16

Voodoo continues to blow me away with his confidence and boldness! On Saturday we went to the Indy “Pop Con” and he met and played with all sorts of creatures and people! He met dinosaurs, Storm Troopers, Ninja Turtles, people of all colors (like blue and green and purple), Ghost Busters, a zombie, and people with all sorts of masks and costumes! NONE of it phased him!! He got to practice some mat work (relax on your mat in a distracting environment) and we also walked around downtown a bit (from the convention center to the parking area and on each potty walk). He even rode in a glass elevator a few times. I put him on my walker when he was tired, but mostly he wandered through the crowds of weird sights on his own feet. When he needed to rest, we just parked off to the side and people of all sorts came to him. 🙂 Check out this video!

Today (Sunday) we visited the Celtic Festival, held at the OH Ren Fest grounds. Voodoo met LOTS of people, (and shown in this video) a Highland cow, a not-so-friendly sheep, a 6 mo. old Papillon, and listened to lots of live music.

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