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Fun day at the park

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From 7-2-16

We had a fun day at the park yesterday evening (stayed till after it was dark). Voodoo took his first walk in the woods with me, played on a floating and moving dock, and played on a new playground slide (I think he really likes slides!):

The slide:

The Dock:

And a mostly boring video of rewarding check-ins during our short walk:

I had a 25′ long line, but didn’t need that much length because he didn’t stray very far before checking in for another treat.

A few photos from the park outing:

7-1-16 first hike Sm7-1-16 Mountain goat sm7-1-16 Rip Rap no problem Sm

He also got to meet a visiting baby who was used to dogs and didn’t mind Voodoo giving her a quick kiss  🙂  At one point, he thought about climbing in with her, but changed his mind. Mostly he ignored her, but when they did interact at first, I had my hand on his collar.  It was clear he was not bothered by her and wasn’t going to hurt her, so I let go of his collar and got this quick interaction.

7-1-16 Meeting a baby Sm

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