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Happy 4th of July!

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7-4-16 Happy 4th c SM

It stopped raining just long enough to get this photo at a local park.  I wanted to get him next to a bed of pretty flowers, but none of the parks I checked had any in bloom. 😦 So we settled for a picnic table by the river. He got an entire handful of treats for holding these flags while I got the shot. The flash on my camera wouldn’t fire, even in manual mode, so I ended up getting fill light with an actual flashlight! He’s SO patient with me!  I cropped one in 8×10 landscape as well so I can put it in a calendar.

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  1. juliemmurray

    Amazing and beautiful photo….”what a good puppy!”


  2. He’s so handsome already! I’m amazed you could do fill with a flashlight – it looks just right!



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