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Bass Pro and puppy class

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From 7-9-16

Went to Bass Pro and Voodoo did well.  I tried to get him to look at the fish, but he has zero interest. 7-7-16 fish Sm

He was sitting on these rocks with his tail almost in the water and these turtles were VERY interested in it! Glad I saw what they wanted before they bit his tail!

7-7-16 Turtles Sm

“I would like this one please” I did get him this one to practice his duck retrieving skills. He wasn’t ready for a regular size duck, so this one is about quail size.

7-7-16 This one please Sm

Puppy class week 1 covered a lot of material and he already knew how to do it (as I suspected he would) but he LOVED the time we got to spend meeting and playing on leash with other pups and he did great giving me his focus and doing recalls away from the interactions as well. He and the other Lab puppy in the class are best buds because they have similar play styles.  Voodoo is a bit much for the smaller pups, but the Corgi also liked to play with him.

7-7-16 puppy class Sm

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