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15 weeks old today- Working on Pivoting for heel position, nose touching a raised target, dumbbell hold/retrieve, and stay with distractions.

The pivots will help him move his rear end when turns are made during rally and obedience competitions. It helps teach him where heel (and right side heel) positions are located and how to remain in the proper position as I move and no matter which direction I move.

The nose touching a raised target can be used for send outs (in obedience or any other sport) or as a way to reposition the dog while working on other behaviors.  For example, I can send him to nose touch and then ask him to find heel position or front position at an odd angle, or send him to a nose target while I move around scent articles. Or send him to the target and then ask for position changes (sit, down, stand, etc.)

The dumbbell hold/retrieve is for obedience, but the skills carry over to any retrieving skills, like for service dog tasks or gun dog sports.

And this stay with a target bowl is VERY useful for lots of distance exercises.  It can be used to teach the send outs for obedience, or used at much longer distances to teach the send out for gun dog sports where the bowl may not even be visible to the dog when he is positioned and sent from the handler’s side. Helps teach him to follow a straight line in the direction he was sent, sometimes for a few hundred yards over a variety of terrain and even across a body of water! Of course working on a solid stay, even when the dog really wants to go, is useful for SO many situations and sports!


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