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From 7-17-16

We had a great day at the Creation Museum today. Lots to see! Couldn’t get good photos inside due to the lighting and the heights of the interesting things in relation to Voodoo, but we loved the garden and petting zoo! As far as I can tell, you don’t have to pay anything to wander through the beautiful and extensive gardens or to visit the petting zoo. So I recommend visiting the garden if you’re in the area. The museum wasn’t worth the price of admission in my opinion. But it had several things that made it a worthy socialization experience, including his first movie.

This video shows some of his interactions with things like the petting zoo animals, zip line riders, and the peacocks that were stalking us.

This short clip is his reaction to an animatronic dinosaur:

And we got the BEST compliment! The Security Officer said he was so much better behaved than most of the Service Dogs they see!  This short, mostly boring, clip shows his progress with loose leash walking:

Some photos from the trip:

The gardens really are beautiful and worth the visit

7-17-16 Creation Museum Garden Sm

Happy puppy  (okay, hot puppy, but looks like a big grin)

7-17-16 Tongue out Sm

These peacocks stalked us all over the garden!  When they first saw Voodoo, they came strutting up toward us with so much confidence that I worried they might attack!  But they stopped short and when we moved on, they proceeded to follow us.

7-17-16 Bird friends Sm

“Are you following me?”

7-17-16 Bird friends2 SM

I had Voodoo on this stump to get his photo and I look over and see two of the birds literally peeking around the bushes.  I laughed out loud, but couldn’t get the camera on them fast enough to capture the moment.

7-17-16 Following us SM

This is the photo I was working on when the peacocks started peeping. 🙂 Voodoo was hot and didn’t want to sit on the stump, but he humored me and then we went and sat in the shade to watch the peacocks watching us.

7-17-16 hot puppy SM

I paused to read a sign and he flopped down in the decorative grass. Oops!

7-17-16 Cool grass SM

Jungle puppy. Look at his excellent stay! It’s getting much better.

7-17-16 Jungle puppy Sm

The petting zoo animals were completely fascinated by him! And the staff loved him. These guys followed him all around their pen as we walked by. But I didn’t let him get close except for this photo.

7-17-16 Llamas SM

This Zonkey (Zebra x Donkey) and Zorse (Zebra x Horse) were agitated by Voodoo so we only stayed long enough to get a quick photo and I didn’t let Voodoo get any closer.

7-17-16 Zonkey and Zorse SM

When we stopped to rest, he zonked out 🙂  He’s learning to take advantage of that when he can on our outings.

7-17-16 Very tired pup SM

He got to attend his first movie. It was 25 min. long and included lighting effects, 3 big screens, various noises, and a water mist at one point, and he slept through it all. He did try to stretch and fell off the walker in the dark, but he just curled up on the floor and went right back to sleep 🙂  I’m sure the walking around the garden helped with that.

7-17-16 First movie SM

They have an amazing bug collection! I loved this room, with the many cases of bugs of all types and colors and sizes. Many looked like little jewels they were so colorful. Others were really unique looking. These are massive, as you can tell by my hand that I used as a size reference.

7-17-16 BIG beetles Sm

Several cases of beautiful moths and butterflies too.

7-17-16 Butterflies and moths Sm




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