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Blue Grass Classic

On Sept. 4th we went to the Blue Grass Classic (for me to shop the vendors and for Voodoo to get practice with the atmosphere of a big dog event). At first, he was a bit overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds and smells in the big indoor arena. We sat off to the side and I let him watch everything and within a short time he was fine with it all.  We made several laps around the indoor rings to check out the vendors and get new treats.


Then we went to the Barn Hunt area (no photos) and talked with some friends there. Next stop was the “touristy” side of the Horse Park where we visited the Museum of the Horse and I took advantage of their photo op areas.

We also took a horse drawn carriage ride which he had no problem with and he got nose to nose with a horse in the kid’s barn. At first, he was intimidated, but then he went into “ignore mode” and was able to do a sit stay by the horse and show his Labradork face 🙂

He also got his photo with several of the beautiful sculptures around the park.

Overall, a very nice day that completely exhausted me. Voodoo, however, was ready to play after his 2 hour nap on the way home 🙂

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