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Sleeping loose

Voodoo has all of his adult teeth now. While they are still pushing up to full height, they are not bothering him and he’s not really chewing like he was when they were breaking through.  So I took a chance last night and let him sleep with the crate door open.

As soon as he realized I wasn’t going to close the door, he jumped up on the bed with me. He’s been enjoying sleeping on the bed at hotels until I’m ready to sleep and he likes jumping up to cuddle every morning before I get out of bed.  So I wasn’t surprised that was where he wanted to be.  At first, he flopped across my body and stretched, then flopped to a different position. Then he curled around my head for about 60 seconds, then he went down by my legs and got comfy and went to sleep.

Unlike Dazzle, he doesn’t care if I move around or roll over or accidentally bump him and he barely wakes up for that (Dazzle jumps off the bed if I move). He slept by my legs for about half the night as I tossed and turned due to higher pain than usual. I was awake when he jumped off the bed and left the room.  I thought he might be going for the dog door, but I didn’t hear it and he didn’t come back in. I fell asleep and found out later that he had gone to sleep with my husband. After my husband got up, Voodoo came back to sleep with me.

I’m happy he likes us both enough to share his sleeping time and that he did as well as I expected with being loose.

Relaxing at the hotel:



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  1. Absolutely best photo ever!

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