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First official Qs!


Voodoo did even better than I expected today at the AKC Rally and Obedience trials! He turned 6 months old today and impressed a LOT of people, including ME!! 🙂

The Rally class had 9 dogs in the B class and all of them qualified and none had a score under 90! The dogs in this area that are doing rally are very well trained and provide stiff competition! We got a 99 and 3rd place in Rally Novice and then had to wait around for several hours for the next class. I wasn’t sure if he would have any energy or focus left after several hours in the chaotic trial environment and no nap (his choice, not mine), but we got a 193 and 3rd place in Beginner Novice obedience!!! So proud of his very first official Qs and scores!

After the trial, I met up with friends and we did some land and water retrieves with real birds and then had a swim party! 9 Labs, 2 Poodles and 1 Golden all playing and swimming and retrieving. You’d think that would wear out a puppy, but when he got home he played for awhile with Dazzle 🙂

Rally Novice Video:

Beginner Novice Video:

Swim Party Video:

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