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Barn Hunt titles

Voodoo got his Barn Hunt Instinct title today! He also had an 8 second Novice run! Yesterday’s Novice run was 26 seconds (they get 2 min. to complete the course). But on what should have been the run that earned him his Novice title, I messed up and I thought he had climbed when he hadn’t. 😦 So no Novice title, but HE totally should have gotten it (if not for his handler messing up!) He didn’t know I messed up and he still had a blast and a fast run. No doubt about when he finds a hiding rat 🙂

He did make me work for the Instinct title though. He was confused by the tubes being out in the open and he hit on each one, but then finally gave a good sniff on one before hitting it so I was able to tell it had a rat. So he can add RATI after his name. He definitely likes this sport!

I was Judging this trial, so he couldn’t accept any placements, but I know his 8 sec run would have been 1st place and high in class. Huge thanks to Joyce Shively for getting up early to Judge his runs!

Here is a video of his runs today (36 sec instinct run, 8 sec Novice run, and the run I messed up):

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