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RN title and BN title!

Voodoo added 2 new titles today!! We had a great day today and he was really “ON IT”. He earned a 98 in Rally and got his RN (Rally Novice title). Then earned a 194 in Beginner Novice and earned his BN title! Couldn’t be more proud of him! Videos:

Rally Nov:

Beginner Nov:

I noticed a few stress yawns today, but he stayed up beat and focused. We will take a break from Obedience competition till he’s rock solid and ready for Novice (and old enough to jump the Rally Advanced jump) and will focus for now on Barn Hunt and Nose work.

I also got a CD of photos from Dick Clark Photography. My favorites are below.


Wild ears:


Rocket recall:


Realized he was going to fast


Yup!  Too fast!!  (he crashed into me and ended up sort of in heel position)


Sit for exam


Beginner Novice stay (while I walk around the ring)


Rally heeling:


Sit for exam


Right back to focus after the Judge’s hand comes off


Judge Kath Cook and our two title ribbons


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  1. Congrats Voodoo & Chris those are great scores you really rocked it in the ring. Love the photos, you’ve grown into such a handsome Lab. Looking forward to meeting you.



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