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Catching up- Oct 27 to Nov 1

I have been remiss about posting on Voodoo’s blog and have mostly been posting on his facebook page:

But here is most of what I have posted over there recently:

The “fruits of all our labor” so far. Voodoo’s intelligence, stability and energy has made the training such a pleasure! Many thanks to his breeder Erin Lynes and her wonderful Eromit Labrador breeding program! Eight titles in one month in six different sports/activities, with very good scores! All listed on this page


Voodoo’s 2nd Senior level barn hunt practice. I think he likes this game šŸ™‚ I should have gotten video of his first run. He was even more crazy! He was struggling on this hunt. They were not easy hides and we ran out of time but he stayed with it and was so happy when he found the rats! Senior has 4 rat tubes, 3 tubes with just dirty bedding and 1 completely empty tube on the course. I love seeing him having so much fun!

Some photos and a video from our recent Field Practice (retrieving ducks) Video:

Voodoo is now seven months old – 22″ tall and 40 lbs. This photo was taken at the park on Oct 31st. (Dazzle is 23.63 tall, so he is catching up!)


The other night I had fish for dinner. I got a lemon wedge with it and I don’t use lemon. So I held it out for Voodoo to sniff/lick just to see what reaction he would have to it. But he didn’t sniff or lick it- he GULPED it right out of my fingers and immediately swallowed it- rind and all! I don’t think he even tasted it because he never made a face and was begging for more. Crazy Labrador!

Voodoo had a meltdown today because Dazzle wouldn’t play with him and was ignoring him. I usually stop this sort of thing because it creates conflict stress in Dazzle (he wants to “handle it” himself, but knows I’ll get mad if he goes after Voodoo). But I wanted to see how long it would go on. Answer: too long! šŸ™‚ Even my husband came in to see what was happening. I added some captions to keep it interesting. Watch for Dazzle’s “eye roll”.


Voodoo is almost as fast as Dazzle now! This is a very short clip:

And finally, my post from today:

I think Voodoo has entered his teen stage, where all previous training is forgotten šŸ™‚ I went to the petstore to get more dog food and he was a wild man, totally out of control! Impaled the employee (who walked over to see if we needed help) with his front feet as he jumped on her, was lunging at the end of the leash in every direction, and he climbed on a customer that passed by us closely. SO glad this is just a phase and that it will pass! Just hope it passes quickly!

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  1. my favorite in all of this wonderful post is Voodoo trying to get Dazzle to play – absolutely hysterical!!!! and your commentary is priceless!

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