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Agility practice today

We have done VERY little practice on actual agility equipment. Outside of any agility practice, he has learned to follow my movements and knows an “around” cue that I used to get the backside jumps. We only did a few short sessions to introduce, and get him comfortable with, each piece.
He already does the teeter well at full height (as shown on his tricks video) and he offered it a few times as I was moving the camera around 🙂 But I didn’t work on that piece today. We also didn’t do the A-frame, but he went over it at full height a couple times with no issues in our last session so we didn’t do that either.
But today he had fun on:
  • the tire (that he learned in a couple reps today),
  • tunnel (that he hasn’t done since he was 12 weeks old),
  • dog walk (that he learned in our last session in about 2 reps),
  • low jumps, table (introduced today),
  • and a few times through the weaves (his second time working on them).



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