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Nosework titles and Qs

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On Wed. the 22nd Voodoo was entered in the CWAGS trials to try to get his Level 1 title. Well, he managed to get that plus 2 Qs toward his level 3 title!

Level 1 title run:

First Q at level 3. This was his second run of the night and I had him out of the car way too early. He was very excited and barked a lot.

His last run of the night- Q #2 in Level 3. He was more focused and not as barky. Hopefully he can Q two more times in level 3 on Wednesday for his level 3 title! But if not, I signed him up for 6 nosework runs at the National next month. He will be trying for his level 2 title (1 Q needed) as well as level 3 and/or level 4 depending on how he does Wednesday.

And just for fun, Voodoo playing with a young Pointer puppy after his Rally class at QC:

Later today we will be trying for the 2 more Qs he needs for his level 3 title. I’ll post the videos and updates as soon as I get a chance.

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