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I have fallen behind on the weekly photos and I’m trying to play catch up as I have time.

The first photo is for the challenge of using tones to create a mood.

I used lots of post processing on this one. I plan to revisit this challenge, but in the interests of time (& not getting too far behind) I’m going with this shot for now.

I found this set up at the Robert’s Center where I was Judging the past couple days and had a vision for how I wanted this to look. But I only had my phone with me and the lighting wasn’t good. I don’t feel I matched my vision of it. But it is what it is and I’ve reached the point where I have to stop messing with it and move on.

5-11-17 Tones for mood sm

Photo challenge- Frame within the frame

Voodoo did a great job on this one and I love how it turned out! He had to stay by the opening while I walked quite a distance away and was out of sight for a bit to get where I needed to be for the photo. He chose this pose and it was better than the one I had planned 🙂

5-8-17 Frame within a frame sm

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