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One year together

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12 months ago today the most amazing and perfect puppy came to Indiana and enriched my life in ways I could not have imagined. He is becoming a wonderful service dog and has made mind blowing accomplishments in a number of dog sports. I can never thank Erin Lynes and her husband enough for entrusting me with one of their puppies. And I’m ever so thankful to Laura VanArendonk Baugh (& her husband for his help) for traveling all the way across the country and crossing the border and going through all the hassles the return trip threw at her to get him for me! Sadly, I don’t recall who first recommended Eromit to me and sent me the link, but I am very thankful to that person as well!
Given the accomplishments we have made so far together, I am SO excited about our future and to see where it takes us!

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Dog Mom, Reward-based Dog Trainer, Former Police Officer, Author, Speaker, Martial Artist, Traveler, Instructor.

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  1. juliemmurray

    Those of us who know you both are so happy that this is a “match made in heaven” – perfect for you both!! Happy Adoption day!

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