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As the post title implies, Voodoo earned his RATCHX! That is a Barn Hunt title that means he qualified 25 times at the highest level (Master). I’m going to get a better photo tomorrow, but here is the one from my phone that I took tonight.

6-22-17 RATCHX phone photo sm

Video of his RATCHX run:

Couple photos taken at Brookville Lake for this week’s “Sunset” challenge. There was a group of tough biker dudes hanging out in the pavilion and when I had Voodoo jump on the wall and got him set up, I hear from one of them yell “LOOK! That dog is POSING for her!” LOL Voodoo knows his job as a model as well πŸ™‚ Also below, a couple photos from the “Wow” location challenge.

We joined a Frisbee/disk league (UpDog) and while we had to skip a week and a couple others got rained out, Voodoo is enjoying it. He wants a better handler though because my disk throwing sucks! πŸ™‚ He has been able to lie quietly near the side lines and other than a couple hissy fits that it wasn’t his turn, he’s done really well waiting for his turn.

5-31-17 disk practice 3 sm

On June 10th we had no luck on our first attempt at a Junior Q at a Hunt Retriever test. He got bird #1 with no problem. Bird two was on the far side of a little gully and he just didn’t go far enough to find it. Good news is that he got to do 4 water retrieves by helping out as the “set up” dog. So no Q, but fun and now I will have to find some hilly terrain to practice on somehow.

Below is the area where Voodoo missed bird #2. It was in the shade (marked here with a red arrow). So he had to go past the plastic geese decoys (no problem), down the hill you can’t really see, through the tall grass, and up the other side across the mowed grass to the shade. But when he came out of the tall grass he thought he missed it and just kept searching in the tall stuff. Oh well, we don’t have a place with hills to practice, only mostly flat farm land. So it was a “puzzle” he hadn’t seen before. I wish there were tests closer to home! This one was in Northern Ohio, about 4 hours away.

6-10-17 duck location sm

Voodoo got his very own SuperFly suit for dock diving! Now I’ll be able to pick him out from all the other black Labs in photos from events πŸ™‚

6-14-17 SuperFly suit sm

The boys have been having a blast in the pool I set up!

Voodoo leaping into the pool- NO fear or hesitation and some nice air! I have since raised the table on the outside of the pool another 8″, to bring it to 24″ high, that makes his leap easier.


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  1. CONGRATS Voodoo and Chris on that awesome RATCHX you are a very special Lab with a wonderful trainer. We’ll have to celebrate with a cake next time I see you.
    Ellen, Razzle and Fergie

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