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Grouse wings

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Yesterday the puppies were introduced to grouse wings.  This is important for any of them that might do field work (retrieving birds), so that having a wing in their mouth is not something odd.  Wings have a weird texture and consistency (smooth parts, stiff parts, squishy parts, hard parts, moves weirdly when chomped, has a distinctive odor, etc.) Some dogs find them off putting while others want to just shred them. Introducing them very young helps them get accustomed to carrying them around.

Hoover was having too much fun with the wing and was too fast for the camera to focus 🙂 So he got a candid shot.

4-25-16 hoover candid4-25-16 Hoover grouse

Kirby- too cute!4-25-16 Kirby Grouse

Oreck taking a big chomp4-25-16 Oreck grouse chomp

And a not so big chomp

4-25-16 Oreck grouse

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  1. This is so amazing, so instructive! I am loving following all of this!



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