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Dazzle likes the puppy area I just set up next to my desk 🙂 He went right in and laid down and took a nap after I took this photo. He has a very good association with confinement that I will also hopefully teach Voodoo.  The puppies just turned 5 weeks old today, so only 3.5 weeks till Voodoo is home! Voo will hang out in here while I post updates on his progress and check on line communications. There will be a crate, his mat and some toys. He can get rewarded for relaxing in his own space while I’m visible, choosing to go in his crate, laying on his mat, etc.

4-30-15 Daz in puppy area sm

Having a puppy/dog that can relax in confinement even when they can see you helps a great deal later in life at dog shows/trials where the dog will need to be in a crate and may be within view of you or might be right next to you. It is also where I will start the “sharing” exercises where I say each dog’s name before giving them a treat, so he starts to learn that confinement can mean “free cookies” just for watching another dog work/get cookies, but won’t be able to try to steal a cookie from Dazzle. I’ll also eventually add brief periods of going out of sight that will gradually be extended so he can learn to be relaxed even if he can’t see me. All great things for puppies to learn!

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