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Day 1 Photos/video

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Okay! A few photos!! And a collection of short clips in one video. He has had a VERY busy day. I picked him up at noon and after a short bit of fussing, he slept on the hour drive home. Then he spent the next couple hours exploring the yard and house and finding out his pen area has goodies! Then he had his first vet visit. He was SO tired from all the exploring that he kept trying to fall asleep 🙂 When we got home, he gave me a stool sample and my husband took that in while Voodoo got a nap and I made a dent in photo editing. He just finished exploring the yard and house and playing tug and now he’s sleeping on my lap as I type. Whew! He’s a busy boy and I love it! We’ll get started with actual training sessions tomorrow. I just wanted to spend today getting to know him. He’s definitely food motivated and his nose works really well! He was in my arms and sniffed out the treat container on the vet’s counter 🙂 

 Hanging out with Laura’s Lab when I arrived to get him.5-26-16 With Lauras dog sm

On the way home!

5-26-16 First ride with me sm

Too comfy to get out of the crate 🙂

5-26-16 Happy in crate Sm

Meeting his new daddy

5-26-16 Meeting dad sm

Checking out his puppy pen

5-25-16 Puppy Pen exploration Sm

Too tired to sit or stand for exam

5-26-16 Vet Exam2 Sm

Checking his toofies

5-26-16 Vet Exam3 Sm

I’ll just take a nap here

5-26-16 Vet Exam4 Sm

Chillin’ for a moment with Dazzle, who was quite hot from his game of fetch.

5-26-16 By Dazzle Sm

But not for long! Too much fun to be had to lay still 🙂

5-26-16 And hes off Sm

One minute and thirty seconds video of several short clips from his first day:

And this is where he wants to hang out.  He won’t be able to do THIS for much longer!

5-26-16 on my desk sm

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  1. juliemmurray

    oh, lovely!!! this is just fabulous! thank you!



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