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Day 2 photos/videos

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Part of today’s training:
Conditioning to a harness, crate games, mastering the ramp to the van in 1 minute and a baby pool intro. He’s getting really hot playing in the yard, so I’m hoping he will quickly figure out how nice the water in the pool will be 🙂 But I’m not going to rush it.

He also discovered how fun it is to shred a sheet of computer paper and an empty paper towel roll today. Still working on a couple more video clips, then I’ll get to the photos. I can only work on them in between bouts of energy when he’s recharging. but at least he DOES sleep. I don’t recall Dazzle doing that as a pup! LOL We even took an hour nap today even though he did really great last night! He slept for 4 hours straight without a peep in his crate. Flopped down and went to sleep almost immediately. About 6am, he needed to go outside. After that, he slept in bed with me and eventually worked his way up to my pillow where he wrapped his body around my head.

On the exercise egg:

With some of his toys:

Attacking the hose

5-27-16 attacking the hose Sm

Good to the last bite!

5-27-16 Good to the last bite Sm

Just chillin

5-27-16 Just chillin Sm

Dandelions are tasty

5-27-16 Nom on dandilions Sm

Profile- almost 9 weeks old

5-27-16 Profile2 almost 9 weeks Sm

Rolling in the grass

5-27-16 Rolling in the grass Sm


5-27-16 Smile Sm

Caught this brief moment when he was stopped to look at the tractor, but then he dismissed it as nothing exciting

5-27-16 Tractor Sm

Pool noodles are fun!

5-27-16 With his noodle Sm

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  1. juliemmurray

    oh, love getting these photos and newsy updates! keep it coming!! say “well, I know Julie wants to hear all the details” – glad to know he is sleeping with you!


  2. I normally do not like Labs at all, but Voodoo is hands-down the cutest thing I have ever seen. What a confident little fella. Love how often you’re updating!



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