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Sit target, retreive progress, and more!

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Worked on several things today

I am SO pleased with his retrieve progress!  He has such a lovely and calm hold. And he was able to pick up an item he wanted to shred (paper towel covered PVC).

Also taught him to sit on the disk target. This was the first session on this and eventually it will turn into ‘directional control’, meaning I will be able to send him different directions from a distance, for field work, by teaching him to move from one target to another as they get farther and farther apart.

I added a whistle cue to his sit (haven’t put it on a verbal or hand signal yet), but I want the whistle cue to be strong for field work or an emergency stop at a distance.

And lastly I taught him a hand target today, but I didn’t get the first steps on video.  So all I can show is the results after one short session. I think he likes this one 🙂

I love that he self-entertains at times and likes his crate enough to go in and hang out in there on his own.

6-7-16 chilling in his crate Sm

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  1. this is amazing!



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