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From June 8th- Had a nice time at the KY Horse Park watching part of the Arabian show. Voodoo was a bit unsure of the horses at first, especially ones that walked right by us, but after he laid in the grass with Dazzle and watched them for awhile from a distance, he was fine with them.

6-7-16 Watching the horses Sm

Then we moved to another shady spot with a picnic table to watch the warm up ring and by then the horses we ‘old hat” and he took a bit of a nap.

6-7-16 KY horse park Sm

Then we went to “The Big Barn” (Indoor arena) where we watched an Open Western Pleasure class

6-7-16 Chilling in the big barn Sm

We also watched an “Arabian Liberty” class where a horse is turned loose for 2 min. with music and the crowd making as much noise as possible to excite the horse into prancing and galloping around the arena. I moved away from the ring at the start of the class thinking he might get spooked by all the noise, but all the whooping and whistling and banging on things didn’t bother him a bit.

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